It is commonly known that biotechnology is used mainly for medicinal purposes. Modern biotechnology applications continue to find promising areas of use in the field of medicine and health care services. The application includes four branches of medicine, namely, pharmacogenomics, drug production, genetic screening and gene therapy. These four biotechnology applications bring a completely new approach and a chance for improvement in the world of medicinal applications. For instance, today’s biotechnology is now being used to develop necessary vaccines, new drugs to treat serious illnesses, creating xenotransplant organs, develop a variety of Nano-medical diagnostic techniques, and even to determine origins of different diseases. The use of microorganisms, cellular lines and individual cell parts influence a rapid development of this area of research. A lot of people have already benefited from different opportunities that biotechnology brings, however there are millions of people who still wait to get help and the applications in question are a great chance for the patients in need.

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