Telemonitoring of vital signs, online doctor consultations or telesurgeries – for many people it still sounds unreal, but the truth is that telemedicine should already be treated as an integral part of the future. With the population ageing at an unprecedented pace, a steady increase in chronic diseases and with a number of healthcare professionals decreasing, states all over the world face new health care challenges. Telemedicine, as a complementary way of delivering healthcare, can effectively respond to many of these challenges. And that is the reason for which we present our e-health system – an innovative solution with grand potential.


GreenMed is an integrated system of monitoring a patient’s health status and allowing for a dynamic preview of data coming from telemedical sensors. This application is based on the authorial cloud system called GreenCloud and allows for gathering, storing and sending data concerning patient’s health status. Medical data are sent to the server in a specified time intervals, due to which, a GP or a family doctor may have access to it.


Four main areas of GreenMed are:

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