Cloud Computing

The development of Cloud Computing is important in terms of sharing information and innovation resources and creating new industries and hot spots. Additionally, it helps to reduce the costs of starting new businesses. Furthermore, Cloud Computing significantly contributes to shaping the innovative nature of a given country. This ground-breaking system is commonly known to the users who can see the need for sharing their data in a safe and quick manner, without wasting time on such activities as file compression, insufficient storage, etc.

The most successful companies focus on innovations of business models which help to establish new strategies and operating models. It goes without saying that Cloud Computing becomes a significant catalyst for business model innovation.

Green Control Web

Green Control Web platform belongs to the group of services developed within Green Control System. The System is based on modern cloud solution, called GreenCloud, which main objective is to monitor operation of loggers and loggers data storage virtualization. The provided services include also computing platform for virtual data analysis and a specially generated communication tool.

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