While exploring the latest innovations in the field, HR leaders across the globe found gamification as one of the most exciting new concepts. Researchers have found that playing games releases a neurotransmitter, commonly known as dopamine. The release of dopamine leads to the brain stimulation reward (BSR), which is a phenomenon directly related to regions of the brain that handle reward-based outcomes. By playing computer games, this reward system is activated and stimulated, establishing response habits similar to those initiated by natural rewards, such as food and water. The game itself becomes a reward, it is based on behavior of employees that the corporate world can leverage to achieve greater productivity and higher morals of employees. According to the latest research, this process is directly related to the cognitive sphere of human brain and it affects our lives positively in almost every aspect of decision-making process, that is to say: time of reaction, reflex, concentration, etc. Consequently, this is a highly desired product.

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