Mobile Technologies

Mobile technologies have changed the way we live, work, learn, travel, shop and communicate. Not even the industrial revolution created such a swift and radical explosion in technological innovation and economic growth worldwide. Nearly all fundamental human achievements have been affected, if not revolutionized, by mobile innovations. According to the estimations of Ericsson, in less than 15 years, 3G and 4G technologies have reached 3 billion subscriptions, making mobile technology the most rapidly adopted one by consumers. The shift towards mobile technology shapes a new level of economic landscape. Mobile technology is not just an industry itself. It is also a fundamental part of new and old industries that have rooted and flourished. It is an inspiring way of making our lives easier and more convenient. In this day and age, human lives depend on technology and modern devices, as a result, they became an integral part of our existence, this gives a strong stimulus for pushing our civilization forward.

The Green Control Mobile

Green Control Mobile Application package belongs to the group of services developed within Green Control System. It is a collection of applications for Android 4.0 and 5.0, providing the possibility of using functions of the Green Control Platform for mobile devices.

Green Control Mobile App and the Green Control Web Platforms are based on the common user ID, which allows one to use all the applications without a necessity of repeated logging.

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