Sensor Systems

Sensor development continues are predicted to be an area of science and technology with a great potential growth for innovation. According to the recent developments in sensor technologies, the innovative sensors are a part of autonomous sensor networks which are web-based and fully integrated into an end system or product. These sensor systems are compact and operate as a part of network using modern information technologies and communication systems. Our sensors are extremely sensitive and set to perform their tasks in possibly the best and most accurate way possible.

Green ASR recorders

Green ASR recorders belong to the group of integrated products developed within Green Control System. They represent control and measurement devices enabling flexible functionality configuration depending on application requirements as well as vehicle and Green Loggers management.

Green Control System

Green Control System, developed by Green IT, constitutes a family of products and platforms providing business and developer services for companies from transport and logistics industries, based on a distributed control and measurement environment, integrated in cloud computing.

Green Loggers

Green Loggers are control and measurement devices recording parameters of various physical forces that may affect the given load.

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