Alternative Mobility

Smart City is a pioneering initiative, which aim is to facilitate functioning of urban centres by applying modern solutions in the sectors of energy, transport, information and communication technology. Smart City is characterized by protecting and conserving available natural resources.

As part of our activities we offer charging stations, electric bikes and car rental services, mobile applications and city cards – all comprised in one service.

  • Short-term and long-term electric bikes,
  • Car rental services,
  • Fast charging stations in convenient locations,
  • Kilometer-based car accounting system,
  • Possibility to take and return a vehicle at any point,
  • No operating costs for users,
  • Quick vehicle reservation thanks to the mobile application,
  • Universal application for operating charging stations system,
  • One agreement, minimum formalities,
  • Multi-purpose city card.

Meeting our Clients’ expectations, we can prepare a full documentation, including analysis of needs, grant application, project overview and launch an IT system.

Automated Rescue System - ASR

Automated Rescue System (ASR) is a highly advanced extension of a vehicle. It collects, processes and uploads information about condition of a car, driving techniques and traffic collisions. ASR can be easily compared to a “black box” – in case of an accident it gives access to a full set of relevant information concerning the car, driver and surrounding environment.

Measuring System consists of:

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