Green Loggers

Green Loggers are control and measurement devices recording parameters of various physical forces that may affect the given load.

They constitute complete and unique technological solutions as they can work online, collect a wide range of data and send alerts if loads are carried in unfavourable circumstances by enabling them to send information about the transport conditions. Thanks to this, it became easier for forwarder agents to determine the cause of damage and the entity responsible for the carried goods in a given moment. The analysis of such data streamlines the process of loss indemnification and risk assessment, and real-time data about damage to goods such as vaccines, human organs, or blood make it possible to react quickly and replace consignment before the customer identifies the problem at the place of destination. This functionality is also crucial while detecting abnormalities during the transport of hazardous goods which, if damaged, may endanger third parties in large scale.

The most important features of Green Loggers include, among others: on-going data recording in the logger memory (if the memory volume is full, the older data is replaced by the most recent records); automatic data transfer after the pre-set memory volume is full or, in case of emergency situations; possibility to send alerts and monitor values of parameters using web application and mobile application; possibility to send the data manually to the server by means of NFC technology, or a mobile application. Green Loggers are equipped with a long-lasting battery, which ensures that the monitoring process is running smoothly.

Green Loggers are also successfully applied in house monitoring, industrial facilities monitoring as well as in individual security. They are highly rated as very accurate and sensitive multi-task tools, capable of performing many tasks at the same time. It is also worth mentioning that the demand for Green Loggers is constantly increasing because of its reliability and customers’ satisfaction on the product.