Pyrolysis is a process of waste management, developed within Green Power I technology, aimed at processing of the plastic waste and rubber. It was developed in response to the increasing demand for waste management and growing production of plastics. The main principle of the process is thermal decomposition of organic material into liquid, solid or gaseous form in the presence of a catalyst. Thanks to this, raw materials, such as plastic film (PE, PP), used tyres and waste rubber can be processed and the final products (paraffin oil, steel, pyrolytic fly ash) successfully applied in industry.

As more and more EU countries introduce a complete or partial landfill ban on plastic, our technology can also be the great alternative for the current “energy recovery”. It can be purchased and used by companies and subjects with no additional waste processing equipment thanks to competitive costs of processing and the fact that it perfectly fits the poorly developed waste sector as there are no activities when preparing the input material.

Features that ensure the high quality of the technology include little space required for the operation of the device; the modular structure, possibility to progressively increase plant capacity, low power consumption, low costs of operating and maintaining in running order, production process monitoring system and possibility to monitor the production process. All the components of Green Power I processing plants are made from highest quality materials. They are resistant to physical and chemical damage, thus, reducing the risk of mechanical malfunction. All units have been thoroughly tested to meet quality standards for waste processing equipment.