The vertical wind turbines

Vertical wind turbines were developed by Green Vertical Turbine Ltd, a Polish manufacturer specializing in design and construction of wind farms. Vertical wind turbines were designed in response to the growing importance of wind energy and its contribution to the generated electricity.

For optimal operation, a typical wind turbine needs the wind speed of minimum 10÷12 m/s. Therefore, vertical wind turbines also meet market requirements in Poland, where there is a demand for more cost-efficient methods for generating wind energy due to unfavorable wind conditions.

Vertical wind turbines were constructed in several variants, both in terms of technology and design. Their main characteristics include operation independent of wind direction, resistance to strong wind, simple mounting system, continuity of operation of the turbine and easy transport of modules. There are also numerous advantages of vertical wind turbines, such as reduction of noise and vibrations, electricity costs and amount of pollution emitted to the atmosphere.

The wind power plants produced by Green Vertical Turbine Ltd are successfully applied in production of electricity and heat energy, energy storage, transformation of wind energy to mechanical energy, irrigation, water desalination and aeration of water reservoirs. Our turbines and their individual components are made in compliance with all safety and efficiency norms. They are durable and resistant to mechanical damage and negative influence of the environment.