Food and water

Modern nutritional science is providing ever more information on the functions and mechanisms of specific food components in health promotion and/or disease prevention. In response to demands from increasingly health conscious consumers, the global trend for food industries is to translate nutritional information into consumer reality. It can be achieved by developing food products that provide not only superior sensory appeal but also nutritional and health benefits. On the other hand, water technologies are crucial for many countries in the world. The water sector in various regions suffers from chronic problems and faces many challenges in terms of supply and sanitation services. Therefore, there is a strong need for water purification and processing technologies.

Green Water I - ozone based wastewater treatment

The lack of fresh water is one of the major threats for all living organisms, so the extremely sufficient and cost saving methods for water and wastewater treatment must be researched, applied and promoted. Conventional wastewater treatment systems rely on floating of suspended solids on the top of liquid by air bubbles. A better separation effect is obtained when air bubbles are very small (micro-bubbles and nano-bubbles).

Green Water II - innovative desalination

Seawater desalination is one of the most promising fields for the application of solar energy due to water scarcity, seawater availability and high levels of solar radiation occurring together in many parts of the world. There is an increasing need for renewable energy-powered desalination systems, as this seems to be the sole environmental friendly alternative to the conventional fossil fuel powered systems.

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