In this day and age, we live in the world with rapidly ageing population. According to numerous researches, aging of the European population is more imminent than in any other part of the world. Therefore, it is crucial to guarantee the ageing population a proper health care. Apart from new medicine technologies, such as: nanotechnologies and biotechnologies, there is a wide range of information and telecommunication technologies leading to better and more efficient data mining and, consequently, providing patients with better treatment. It is one of the best-developed branches of the company’s activity, and the investments undertaken in this area are based on the greatest values. The most important thing for us is to make sure that our customers are served in the best way possible, especially in such crucial terms as healthcare.


GreenMed is an integrated system of monitoring a patient’s health status and allowing for a dynamic preview of data coming from telemedical sensors. This application is based on the authorial cloud system called GreenCloud and allows for gathering, storing and sending data concerning patient’s health status. Medical data are sent to the server in a specified time intervals, due to which, a GP or a family doctor may have access to it.


Four main areas of GreenMed are:

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