Low-emission transport

Travelling is an eternal need of human race, and a broadly defined transport is the factor that can satisfy that need. It is dominated by passenger cars and most people think that it is the most comfortable means of transport. Development of motorisation is a positive phenomenon from the economic point of view; however, what about the natural environment? Increasing number of motor vehicles is the factor that has a very harmful impact on the environment. Road transport is the 2nd biggest source of greenhouse gasses emissions, responsible for 12% of the total carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, an alternative, which is given by balanced transport that aims at protecting the natural environment is worth considering. The latest technological solutions, like innovative eco fuels and electric vehicles  are the examples of means of transport, thanks to which we can increase our energy independence and cut emissions of greenhouse gases. We would like to introduce you to some of our cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for transportation.

Automated Rescue System - ASR

ASR is a highly advanced extension of a vehicle. It collects, processes and uploads data on the state of a car, driving techniques and road accidents. It can be compared to a „black box” – in case of an accident it allows access to a full set of relevant information concerning the car, its driver and surrounding environment.

Measuring System consists of:

Green EV Motor

An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It consists of a stationary component (the stator) and a rotating component (the rotor).  The stator is a metal body with conductive windings (e.g. copper wire). A three-phase alternating current flows through the stator’s  windings. The varying alternating current and the positioning of the windings create a magnetic field, which “wanders” around in a circle inside the stator. This magnetic field “pushes” or “pulls” the pivoted rotor, resulting in a circular motion.

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