Renewable energy

Diversifying energy resources, improving energy efficiency and achieving energy independence are nowadays strategic objectives of the highly developed countries and main priorities of the EU framework programs. There are several important reasons why an urgent actions on innovation should be taken. One of them is the immense use of conventional sources of energy, such as oil and coal. The exploitation of these resources requires procedures which are not only time-consuming and expensive, but also devastating for the environment. Another major argument in favor of limiting consumption of these products is growing cost of oil, which is successively depleting. According to the latest estimates, it is possible that we will run out of this resource 40 years from now. Therefore, to effectively deal with these problems and reach the stable economic growth, there is a need to rebuild and develop the innovative energy market. The solutions provided by our Group for the renewable energy market are designed by world-class experts with careful consideration of individual consumer’s needs. All of our technologies comply with the stringent requirements of renewable energy sector.

The vertical wind turbines

Vertical wind turbines were developed by Green Vertical Turbine Ltd, a Polish manufacturer specializing in design and construction of wind farms. Vertical wind turbines were designed in response to the growing importance of wind energy and its contribution to the generated electricity.

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